Hi There, and thanks for dropping by my ePartment!
If you are here thanks to an exchange of business cards, please have a look round, but mind the virtual scaffolding... I'm still in the process of refurbishing.

A quick reminder of how I help out clients & organizations!
I focus on the facilitation and/or co-development of creative media, publications & communications that gets your message out there in a non-intrusive manner. I can climb aboard your creative journey at any point so that we can together:

  • Brain-storm helpful ideas that can be transformed into welcomed communications and publication materials that truly engages your audiences.
  • Life-coach & mentor you through creative blocks & perceptual lenses
  • Provide creative jolts through the arts: digital & dance therapy
  • Can help you by taking on your visual communications & publishing requirements

Life's too short...so I work with people who want to spread their passion too... ;)
I've come full-circle, having "lived-to-work" in the commercial and digital industries, I now wish to expand the most enjoyable end client side...but this time go further and really connect with people who want to make a difference in other people's lives - for real, not just for profit.
That's what I'm all about, so have a look & get in touch when you want to connect a little more, it's good to talk ;)

contact me via:
facebook (you have to be a member) ,via email/mobile on my card.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon ;)


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